How much does a Tattoo hurts?

This question is subjective as the pain tolerance varies from a person to person.

In general, it’s not that bad!

The feeling may be discomforting to some but not painful. Tattooing is not a constant process, it has many pauses and starts and many gets used to it after few minutes.

4 hrs session is good and anything over can be complicated. Big works are divided into manageable sessions.

Some people actually enjoys this feeling and we believe everyone can tolerate it, once they wrap around their head to the idea of getting a tattoo and actually walking into a studio.

Everything in life is an experience, your imagination fears the unknown and making in run wild with opinions of others can lead you not getting a tattoo at all.

Always remember, that the pain is mild and short lasting and settles down on the completion of tattoo.

Many of our clients describe it as a discomforting , itching sensation and not painful at all.

Let our expert tattoo artists, advice you on the best on how to go ahead with the tattoo.

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