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About Inkspace tattoo studio

Inkspace studio is owned and operated by Chetan Salhotra, who has been tattooing since 2006 and has been awarded as one of the best black and grey artists in India at the "India tattoo convention" in 2014.

Through his work, he has performed many styles like Realism, Portrait, Geometry, Watercolor, Minimalistic and more.

He is known for his perfection in everything that he does.

At Present he is a skilled tattoo artist, Illustrator, Visual concept designer, Poly-math & researcher of Sacred Geometry and how it's connected to everything else in our human experience on this planet.


In our team, we have some of the most experienced and skilled tattoo artists in New Delhi, India. 

We perform a wide range of tattoo styles from portraits, realism, geometric, watercolor, minimalism, and more.

We are known for doing some creatively impossible cover-up tattoos in India.


We are also known for being one of the most favorite tattoo studios among the LGBTQ Community in New Delhi and became the 1st tattoo studio in India to openly welcome humans of all Gender and Race.


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